Healthy Eating Traveller’s Pack

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Cooler Bag
Thermal insulated cooler bag – to keep your food fresh for hours
Large capacity – can fit several food containers and drink bottle.
Easy to carry all items – lightweight with collapsible containers

Food Containers
Practical food container for travellers, lightweight and collapsible when not in use
Leakproof lids – top is clear and clips on each side of each food container
Accompanying utensil – fork and spoon included in the lid
Heat resistant – freezer to refrigerator to microwave safe

Water bottle
Takes up 50% less space – when collapsed
Stable design – surrounding cup ensures water can’t be squeezed out accidentally
Leakproof – cap has a seal design with a wide mouth and mess to ensure leakproof.
No backfill value – bottle remains upright and stable during drinking
Heat resistant – can hold hot or cold beverages
Great grip – the cup is also non-slip and frosted to ensure a great grip.


Queuing for food during the pandemic is problematic especially during peak times, or when travelling on extremely early fights or you have special dietary needs.  Taking your own food ensures you can have your favourite items without the need to queue, going hungry or enduring an unpleasant surprise meal, and you can also minimise close contact with others.

Our healthy eating travel pack comprises of a lightweight thermal insulated cooler bag, a collapsible 600 ml food container with fork and spoon, and a collapsible drink bottle for hot and cold beverages.

Unlike conventional coolers, ours is made of neoprene material which acts as an insulation to pre-chilled or even frozen foods.  It acts to provide a stiff material surrounding so the bag doesn’t topple over when packed full of items, thus preventing any spillage and leak from bottles and food containers.

If you are looking to minimise packing space, then the collapsible food storage containers are lightweight and easy to pack.  The lid sits tight with the container when filled or empty, preventing leakage. The silicone walls are sturdy, so you can store your food without the risk of spilling.  This collapsible container is microwave safe and freezer proof withstanding temperature down to -60oC and can be heated up to 200oC, making it ideal for cooking food within it and refrigerating or freezing the night before your journey.

The total capacity is ideal for a meal at 600 ml.  Bowls measure 150 x 125 x 35 mm in diameter and when fully extended the height 70 mm.  Suggestions for food items prepared the night before including anything from snack foods such as fruits, cheese & crackers, sushi or trail mix to meals such as paella, pasta and Chilli con Carne with rice.   They can also store sandwiches, grain-based or mixed salads.

The water bottle has been specifically designed to support travellers’ hydration.  It is very convenient to carry with a collapsible design to use when not full.  When fully compacted, it takes up 50 % less space than a non-collapsible bottle so it can fit easily into your carry-on luggage, handbag, backpack or briefcase.  It is also incredibly lightweight and has a carabiner for attaching to your bag or belt.  The bottle cap sealed design with wide mouth and mess ensures it is leakproof.

Unlike other collapsible bottles we tested, it has a unique design which provides stability when you drink from it.  What’s more, the cup which surrounds the body of the bottle ensures the water can’t be squeezed out accidentally, and there is no backfilled value so the bottle won’t collapse during drinking, thus making sure it doesn’t spill anywhere.  The square base also makes it fall-safe adding extra stability.  The silicone material is shockproof and doesn’t easily break, ensuring it is long-lasting and durable.

Both the food container and water bottle are made from 100% food suitable Silicone, which is non-toxic, tasteless and odourless.   They are also eco-friendly, BPA-free, and can be recycled.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 28 × 17 × 11 cm


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