Portable laptop stand


This ultra-portable laptop stand is perfect when travelling on business.

Ergonomic – stops being hunched over a laptop
Reduces stiff neck, back pain, shoulder pain and headaches
Adjustable – 8 different adjustment height options
Elevates laptop screen
from 15 to 30 cm of the desk to eye level
Compact, lightweight & portable at just 234 g
Quick & easy to set up and foldable – intuitive design makes it simple to set up and foldaway
Sturdy, high strength & weight capacity – can support up to 9 kg
Universal compatibility – suitable for MacBooks and laptops.

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This portable laptop stand is perfect when travelling on business. It’s lightweight, folds small and compact for storage in your hand luggage, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.  It is also ideal to use when commuting between multiple workplaces, or at your destination’s hotel or workspace to prevent muscle strain, headaches and workspace discomfort.

The Nexstand has been ergonomically designed to improve your posture and subsequently your productivity when travelling.  Many business travellers are notorious for their hunched posture over a laptop during travel.  Prolonged use of a laptop in an uncomfortable position will increase the likelihood of backache, neck pain and eye problems.  This stand has eight adjustable height options that change your laptop position to an ergonomic desktop station, alleviating any postural problems normally experienced when working on the move with your laptop on a lap tray, low table or knee.

The adjustable height options allow you to choose the height where the screen is at eye level, thus lifting your laptop, along with your neck and shoulders in the process. Working in a neutral position means that your joints are not bent, your spine is aligned and not twisted, minimising the stress on the body and helping to protect your vertebrae against spinal cord injury, spondylosis and other musculoskeletal disorders.

The sturdy platform is made from strong carbon fibre to withstand the abuse of worldwide travel. It can support all mainstream laptops and MacBook over 11.6 inches due to its high strength and weight capacity of up to 10 kg.  The arc grips at the front of the stand pivot automatically adjusting to lift the thickness and weight of your laptop, and brackets onto your laptop to prevent falls when knocked.  The design also includes anti-skid pads to enhance adhesion and minimize minor slippage.

Suitable for MacBooks and laptops.

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Product Specifications:
Brand Name: Nexstand
Model Number: CL-07
Specific use: Computer stand
Role: Travel stands for laptops. Easily packed in a laptop case.
Usage: Laptop desk
Feature: Adjustable (height), 8 grades
Feature: Foldable
Feature: Maximum load-bearing 10 kg
Weight:  240 g
Height: Adjustable to 11.6 inches
Diameter: 27 x 29 x 25 cm
Material: Metal, strong carbon fibre reinforced nylon.
Colour: Black
Packaging size: 35.4 x 4 x 4 cm (folded)
Packaging: Comes with pouch and gift box
Shipping weight: 363 g


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Additional information

Weight 362 g
Dimensions 40 × 5 × 4 cm


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