The essential guide to Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal


Healthy Business Travel: The essential guide to Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal is a pre-requisite for any frequent business traveller who is scheduled to travel through Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal. Contents include;
Jet lag top tips
Healthy eating and where to eat
Relaxation and where to relax
Stress reduction, evidence not fad based
Exercise – where and how en route
Nearby outdoor leisure activities
Sleep – where and how to get it
Where to work ergonomically & charge your phone


Healthy Business Travel: The essential guide to Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal is a pre-requisite for any frequent business traveller who wants to optimise their performance, health and wellbeing, and is scheduled to travel through Stansted Airport.

Business travellers are more susceptible to poorer mental and physical wellbeing. Without a doubt, travelling business professionals experience greater fatigue, reduced sleep, poor nutrition, exacerbated by ill-chosen travel arrangements and excessive working hours culminating in poor work-life balance, along with a significant decline in their health and productivity.

This Healthy Business Travel guide has been designed to give insight on how to maximise the facilities at Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal to aid the business traveller’s work objectives, productivity and long-term health. It covers everything a business professional needs to know to enhance their wellbeing, including the best places to work, nap and where to find healthier options, including snacks, breakfast and meals.

The Healthy Business Travel guides make business travel not just healthier but also easier. They achieve this by addressing the main constituents of poor business traveller health and providing practical solutions which can be easily mastered en route. Each chapter provides traveller-friendly information by explaining the science and evidence behind the complications of a business travel lifestyle as well as practical advice on how to reduce the impact of these to achieve better travel wellbeing. It is followed by a ‘where to find’ segment, listing places and products within the airport and nearby which can be used to lessen the strain of travelling.

Executive Travel Vitality’s team of health experts are all registered/chartered health professionals who travel regularly to advise on healthier travel practices. Their advice is underpinned by their professional registration with statutory and relevant governing bodies and based on scientific evidence in line with government and World Health Organisation guidance. They have prudently tried and tested terminal facilities, products and services to provide business travellers with healthier options, techniques on how to improve their travel experience, and approaches to better health and wellbeing.

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